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Pictures from Addison's BDay

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Addison Is One!!!

Today, our babydoll turned 1. She wore her birthday hat to school. It is pink and froo froo with a sparkling one on it. In case you are wondering her mother picked it out : ) .

Last year about this time we were feeding Addison with a syringe. She was right around 5lbs and so fragile.

Well a year later she is a growing and healthy girl, who has her first tooth coming in and loves her baby food & puffs.

She is crawling everywhere now and smiles so big when she sees the Christmas tree lit up. Addison when you see her will smile, point and say "a da".

It is amazing how time goes by. You hear that all your life, but as a parent you see it so vividly.

So tonight we are celebrating our lil one's birthday with a princess cake, ice cream, and a few presents. Saturday we will have a big family get together in McComb and celebrate some more. We'll post some pictures after this weekend!

Happy Birthday Addi!!!!

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Evan Funnies

# 1

I worked outside all afternoon. So I come inside and Evan says, "Daddy you stink! You need to take a bath. I'll show you where the bathroom is"

He walks me to the bathroom and says, "here daddy. Take a bath. "


I am sitting in the living room and Evan walks up to me, reaches up for me. I pick him up and give him a big hug. He hugs me back then says very sweetly, "I need to poo poo."


We are sitting at the dinner table. Evan has a spoon he is eating his corn with. Suddenly he takes the spoon and puts it in his pants. We asked him, "What are you doing with your spoon?". Evan replies, "I"m putting it in my booty!"

Who knows what he"ll say next.

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Our Trip To The Pumpkin Patch

This past Saturday we ventured out to the Pumpkin Patch at Hardin Farms past Dumas, AR.

Evan and Addi had tons of fun. There were animals to pet and lots of people having fun. At one point a group of turkeys got loose, so the kids start chasing the turkeys around. Soon after a lady comes over an intercom and yells, "Stop chasing the turkeys!!". The kids never checked up so she yells louder, "Stop chasing the TURKEYS!" It was very funny.

Evan saw one of his friends from school there, Mary Elizabeth. We were all on the hay ride together and Evan got to pick out his very own pumpkin.

It was pretty cold and the wind was blowing pretty hard, but it was very fun. We got back home and the tuckered out little ones were ready for bed.

We hope everyone is having a great fall and catch up with us when you can.

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Evan's Story

Evan woke up with a mosquito bite on his face. Lindsay asked him , "Evan what bit you?" Evan replied, "There was a big pink dinosaur outside and he stomped. He came into my house and bit me with his big teeth!"

Quite the imagination.

Addison learned to clap this weekend. She is so proper that it looks like a golf clap : )

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Race Car Party

Evan had a great Race Car party!!!

There were lots of friends and family there and everyone had a great time.

Evan and his friends got to run and tumble at the YMCA. They had an obstacle course set up, trampoline's to jump from and a swing to have fun with.

Evan got lots of exciting big boy toys. He especially loved his rain boots his NeeNee gave him. He liked them so much that he wore them to church the next day, even though there was no rain.

We want to thank everyone who came and who made this a very special 3rd birthday for our very big boy, Evan Burke.

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Evan's 3rd Birthday

Evan turned 3 today.

It is hard to believe how fast time has gone by. He is growing up so fast and is super excited about his "Race Car"party tomorrow.

We got him the movie Cars on DVD. He watched it 3 times today. That will be the theme for his party tomorrow. Him and his friends will be at the YMCA where they will play some fun games and celebrate together.

One of his friends, Mary Wright, cannot be there tomorrow. So she brought Evan's present to school today. When I picked Evan up he saw the gift on the front seat. He said, "Can I open Mary Wright's present when we get home Daddy, can I?" I replied, "Sure, Evan." He said "It's a deal!"

Another one of Evan's friends, Will Duncan, saw Evan at church last week. He came running up to Evan and said, "Hey, Hey, Hey Evan. I comin to yo birthday party in 10 seconds! (which in 3 yr old land means ten days)"

We are looking forward to our big Race Car celebration tomorrow with family and friends. Hopefully we can soak in this next yr because 4 will be here in a flash.

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Testing my phone for mobile blogging

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Well, the sick parade continues at the Burke household.

Today, we found out that Evan has the flu. He came home from school yesterday and was not his normal wild & crazy self. He just kinda mopped around the house. So Lindsay took his temp and it was 103.

This morning we took him in and got the positive flu test, so now him and Addi will be on Tamiflu for the next few days.

We have had over the past few weeks:

Ear Infection
Ear Tubes
Adenoids removed
Sinus Infection
Cellitus of the Ear
And now the Flu

By now I think our friends from Walgreens look at the calendar and say, "Well the Burke's will probably be here today."

Well, maybe it we caught the flu early and hopefully soon we can string together a week of wellness.

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Addison Update

Well it has been a few days since Addison's surgery to remove her adenoids and have tubes put in.

The first couple of days she was terribly fussy but was able to sleep all night. Yesterday, however, she turned a corner and has been really happy. She has been very playful and energetic. She has made a 180 degree turn. Addi is even making some sounds that she had not made before. She doesn't fuss when we use her earplugs during bath. Overall she seems very happy and content now.

Thanks again for all those who called, txted, facebooked, etc. We do appreciate the support and prayers from each of you.

An Evan Funny

Evan runs into the living room towards the couch where Lindsay is sitting. In mid-run Evan lets out three big toots.

Lindsay and I start laughing really hard. So Lindsay asks, "Evan did you toot?" He replies, "No." So Lindsay asks again, "Evan are you sure you didn't toot?" Evan says, "No". Lindsay then asks, "Well if you didn't toot, what was that?" Evan replies, "It was sounds!"

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Addison's Surgery

Addison had her surgery today to remove her adenoids and to receive ear tubes.

We left our house @ 4:30 a.m. and arrived in Greenwood a little after 5:30 a.m. We checked in and soon were taken back to an out-patient room.

Addi was playful to not to have had a bottle all morning. She was taken back a little after 7:30 a.m.

They called and told us everything went well and that the adenoids were removed and "soupy". Addison returned to the room a little after 8 a.m. and cried for a complete hour.

We made it back home around 11 a.m. Our little one is tired, cranky, and recovering fine. Thanks to all of you who have checked in and prayed for us. We truly appreciate your support.

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A few blurbs

Evan's Prayer from the other night:

"Dear God, thank you for my mommie, for my daddy, for God, for Evan Burke, for sister. Help Evan sleep good and wake up. Help Evan to remember that mommie is the boss and daddy the boss. Amen!"

Evan just came running up to me real fast with his blanky under his nose and holding out the rest of it. He says, "Hey Daddy! I got a mustache!!!"

Addison is doing a lot better. She is back sleeping through the night and seems to be happy overall. She still grabs at her left ear some and gets fussy about it. For the most part, however, she is back to being happy and content.

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Addison's Appointment

Lindsay took Addison to her Dr.'s appointment today.

Addi will be having surgery on Sept. 2 @ 6 a.m. in the morning.

There is a large amount of fluid built up especially behind her left eardrum. Lindsay said Addison let everyone know what she thought during her tests today with the Dr. Hopefully this will be a one time procedure that will help our little one feel better.

That's our latest update.

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Addison's Ear, Evan's Date

This past Friday night Lindsay and I went out together with a group of friends (The Bourbon Mall; awesome place to eat in the middle of stinkin no where!). Lindsay was ironing and Evan came in. He said, "I want to go." Lindsay replied, "Well tonight you have to stay here, because mommie and daddy are going on a date." Evan says, "I want to go on a date." Lindsay asks, "Do you want to ask Mary Wright (friend from daycare) on a date?" "No, she not my friend!" Evan says. Lindsay then asks, "Who is your friend?" Evan says, "Abigail (this is the daughter of our pastor, who is 9)" "Do you want to ask her on a date" says Lindsay. "Yeah!!" Evan exclaims.

So Lindsay calls Jamie and then Abigail gets on the phone. We put it on speaker and then Evan becomes very shy. Finally, after we tell him over and over what to say, he says "You go on date with me?" Abigail says "Yes!" So a soon to be 3 yr old successfully asks out a 9 year old, ha!

Addison has another ear infection. She is going to the dr. tomorrow in Greenwood. She has some drainage in her left ear and has had trouble sleeping over the weekend. Please pray for her. It looks like tubes will be in the not so distant future.

We have some new pictures. Check out Mauri Hart Photography

Catch up with us when you can!!!

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Beach 09

This year we made it to the beach for our family vacation.

We spent 3 days in Destin.

We were able to meet up with The Holmes' and enjoy a good time on the beach and in the swimming pool.

Evan and Addi got to play with their cousins Logan, Will, & Sara. Evan enjoyed playing air hockey @ Johnny O Quigley's and coming back to Crystal Villa's and dancing with his sunglasses on.

Addison loved splashing in the water and on picture day decided that falling face first in the sand would be a wonderful idea.

We had a great time and hope to make it back next year!

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Jump Jump

Addison started to jump in her bouncy seat this week. She has been doing really well overall. She is eating baby food now and we have not had any more ear infections. She is also rolling over both ways and likes her Bumpo Seat we got her.

Evan is full of energy these days. We are about to continue or new Summer Saturday Tradition of going to the pool then getting a happy meal. He loves the slide at the pool and every time he comes down it he says, "I wanna do dat again!!".

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A couple of Evan Stories


Lindsay is sitting on the couch and she sneezes. Evan, who is sitting next to her, gets up and runs in his room.

In a few moments Evan comes running back into the living room.

In his hand is a wipie and he says, "Here Mommie! Dis is fo yo boogers!!!"


Lindsay is in Evan's room reading him a story from the Bible before he goes to sleep.

She is explaining to Evan that one day there will be a great time when we go to heaven and it will be like a really fun party.

Evan replies, "My party not in heaven! My party is in September!!!"

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Fast Times On Wortham Dr.

Going to the Pool!!

Ready for Summer with our new Swim Shirt & Swim Suit (not shown)

Let's make a funny face daddy !

Before (above), After (below)

Today was our first day to visit the pool.  Evan got to swim a little but it rained us out pretty quickly.  He was very timid today, but hopefully he will get acclimated soon.  The water was very cold & he went under the water, which he didn't like at all.

Yesterday, we had a going away party for our friends who are moving, Steve & Lizzie Mears. Lindsay asked Evan if he wanted to go to Mr. Steve's party, he said, "Yeah.  Mr. Steve is going to see Mrs. Lauren."  Steve is moving to TX where our other friend Lauren lives.  So Lindsay asks Evan, "Who lives in Texas?"  Evan replies, "Mr. Steve."  Lindsay then asks, "Who else?"  Evan says, "Mrs. Lauren!"  Pretty sharp little fellow we have, ; ).

Evan is getting ready to move up with the "big kids", as he says.  He is really doing well with his potty training and his teachers think he is ready to move up to the 3 yr old class early.  It is hard to believe he is moving up again.  He'll start visiting the class the first week in June and if he does well the next week he will be going there for good.

Addison is changing so much.  She has gained some weight and is now eating some baby food. Her favorite is sweet potatoes.  We haven't decided if the nickname "sweet tater" will stick or not, ha.  She is rolling over, recognizing faces, and as always sticking her tongue out.  She likes her Baby Einstein videos and her stuffed rabbit that helps her to sleep.

We are doing well and trying to get ready for a crazy fast paced fun-filled summer.  

Hope those of you who read this are doing well and remember, Catch Up With Us.

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Heading to B-Town

We are on our way to Brookhaven this weekend to visit family and be part of the Homecoming Service @ Clear Branch BC.

Clear Branch is the church I grew up in, was saved in, & called to the ministry in.  I haven't been back in almost 7 years.  It will be fun to preach and see old faces and new.

It will be a quick turn around.  Lindsay will head back home with the kids.  3 hrs in the car with 2 little ones, pray for my wife.  I on the other hand will be catching a flight to Dallas to attend the Catalyst One Day conference,  I will attempt to learn about momentum, : ) .

Hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend and Catch Up With Us!

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Pre-School Program

Evan had his first pre-school program last night. He didn't cry but he didn't do much else either.

I spent all afternoon trying to find my camcorder charger so, as good parents, we could have video of this beautiful childhood moment. No luck.

I finally text my friend Steve and he lets me use their camera (which turned out to be great because it is High Definition, :) ).

We get to First Presbyterian Church here in Greenville, a thunderstorm is barreling through and there is like a thousand people there. Ok, there weren't a thousand people there, but sure felt like it.

We get Evan detached from Lindsay's leg to stay with his teacher and go into the sanctuary. You can hear all the kids going crazy in the room next to the sanctuary. It was kinda like in a movie when there is a noise behind a door and the character opens the door and this monster jumps out on them. I felt that if I had opened that door the monster of pre-schoolers would have rampaged me.

So the program starts and the kids begin to sing, but Evan pretty much does nothing. He smiles, waves, sits by his teacher, folds his arms, walks over and plays with the mic stand. I am standing there with the camera waiting for the beautiful childhood moment and it never comes.

At least he didn't pull his pants of like he did at the house the other day.

I guess there is always next year.

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You never know how funny life can be until children come along.

Last night we are watching TV and Evan is standing in the middle of the room.  All of a sudden, like an idea bulb just popped up and he had an idea, Evan begins to pull down his pants and pull-up.

It wasn't has if he had to go potty or was scratching an itch.  He just decided to pull down his pants. 

I guess once they got to a point he decided he liked it.  So he kept going and going and going until his pajama pants and pull-up were completely off.  He starts to dance around like he has just won the Publisher's Clearance House.

Well, he really decides he likes the nude, so he takes his pants and pull-up to his room.  He puts the pajama pants in the pajama drawer and the pull-up in the underwear drawer.  He comes running and screaming back into the living room as excited the first time he rode is cycle.

He's dancing and spinning and hops up on Lindsay's leg.  He then commences to scream and slap himself right in the private part and laugh.  I finally got him to put them back on and get ready for bed.

Lindsay and I were laughing so hard we could not control ourselves.  Wonder what will happen next, :).

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09 Flying By

Big Bro. giving sister his fav blankie when she was crying.

Bubbles are Cool!

Jump & Go Fun

Addison just turned 5 months this past fri. It is hard to believe she is that old. She is changing all the time. She has gained a good amount of weight. Addison even rolled over today!!!! She was crying and mad and just flopped over. I walked in with her bottle and she had made the turn.

Addison is beginning to eat rice cereal. Last night was her first time in the high chair and sitting at the table with all of us. She is sleeping really well at night now and is doing very well over all. She has had a couple of ear infections, but other than that she is a content and happy baby girl.

Evan is full blast all the time. We fixed up the sandbox in the backyard and he has had tons of fun playing with that. He plays "pirate" and digs up toys as treasure, arrrr! :)

Evan has started to do very well with his potty training. He is having hardly any accidents at home or at school. His pull-up has even been dry a couple of nights, which is surprising (to me at least).

Addison was crying today, fighting sleep as normal, and Evan began to sing to her. He sang "Jesus Loves Me" and "The ABC's". I couldn't tell which one she liked better.

I hope those of you who read this are doing well. Catch up with us when you can!

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Just Updatin

Evan & Addie are growing faster and faster all the time.

We are trying to potty train Evan these days.  The jury is still out on that as of now, but he is making a little progress.

Evan is always saying something that makes us crack up laughing.  The other day we were getting him ready for daycare and Lindsay said, "Come'on Evan.  Let's go comb your hair."  Evan replies, "I got crazy hair!"

Evan has fun at daycare and loves his teacher Miss Karen.  Looks like he is already "Teacher's Pet" at 2 years old.  He likes to sing songs, play with his trucks, and watch toons.  He would watch toons all day long if we let him.

Addison is getting so big and filling out real well.  She is smiling now and cooing.  She just turned 4 months old.  She is up to 13 lbs now.  We are getting ready to start introducing rice cereal, it is hard to believe that is already here.  She is being called Little Mama at daycare.  Apparently she is the only girl who has been in the infants room in a long time, so the director as given her a nickname that looks like it will stick, ha.  Lindsay is having a ton of fun dressing Addie up with bows and in dresses.

Addison is already high maintenance.  She will not take a bottle that is not warmed up.  The other day we were in Jackson and it was time to feed her.  We could not feed her until we got to Backyard Burgers.  They gave us a jumbo cup filled with steaming water.  After sitting the bottle in there for a couple of minutes she lapped it up.

We are fun busy and easter is next on the list.  Catch up withus when you can!!

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Evan and Addison are growing, growing, growing.

Evan is getting very smart. He can almost count to ten in Spanish and likes to speak Mandarin when he watches Ni hao Kai lin (it is a tv show on Noggin).

This past Sunday we had a interesting conversation at lunch time. Evan was drinking milk and had some corn and peas on his plate:

Evan: Milk, mmm good
Me: Happy Milk comes from Happy Cows
Evan: Yeah, haha
Me: Evan, eat some corn. Cows eat corn.
Evan: Cows EAT grass!!

Addison is doing well over all. She is sleeping better through the night now. She usually sleeps abut 5 1/2 hours, which is awesome. She has started to smile (she has smiled more at me than Lindsay, ha). Addison is still having stomach trouble. So in March we will go to see a GI specialist in Jackson. Everything the radiologist saw here looked fine, but he still recommended we visit a specialist to be sure.

Overall we are doing well. Lindsay has started back to work part-time and finds the break to be refreshing. We would love to hear from you so catch up with us!
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I Evan Burke!!

Evan likes to correct us frequently these days.

If he does something funny, we might say, "you're a funny boy".

Evan's reply is, "I not funny boy, I Evan Burke!"

Lindsay may tell Evan he is good looking.  

Evan will say, "I not good looking, I Evan Burke!"

He is growing really fast and learning so much.  I walked in to get him out of his bath the other night and he was counting to ten in Spanish.  I heard him say "ocho" and couldn't believe it.  So as I was putting his pajamas on him I would say a number in Spanish and then he would say the next one.  I guess watching Noggin has some benefits.

Addison is growing too.  She is up to 9lbs 6 ounces.  She is still having tummy issues.  We have an appointment next week with the doctor.  Hopefully, we can get everything worked out.

Addison will start daycare next week as Lindsay goes back to work.  Everyone is looking forward to meeting her there.  Apparently Evan talks about her a good bit with the teachers.  Lindsay will be going back part-time, she will work 3 days one week then 2 days the next.

I am posting a link of some pictures we had made recently.  Lindsay took the kids to Jackson one Saturday and we got some great shots.  Thanks Mauri!

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No Brownies For Breakfast

Well, as you may can tell; Addison got a new play seat.  She really enjoys it and likes to sit and watch all of us go by (mostly chasing after Evan).

Addison is really growing and never wants to be put down. She likes her swing too, but not as much as big brother did.

She doesn't like being on her tummy too much.  But we make her anyway, :)

Evan does no like having his picture taken anymore.  He runs away every time we ask him to say cheese or bring the camera out for that matter.

The other night friends brought us dinner and for dessert they brought brownies.  Well the next morning I was feeding Addison and I hear Evan get up.  His feet hit the floor, boom. 
He cracks the door and then runs down the hallway into the kitchen.  He never says hey daddy or anything.

I hear some chairs moving in the kitchen.  So I say, "Evan what are you doing in the kitchen?"  
No answer.  So I lay Addison down and go into the kitchen.  I walk in to see Evan in a chair with a big brownie in his hand giggling.  Our first mission impossible moment at the Burke house failed, but we will keep up with the many more to come.

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Growing Girl

Addison is growing and growing. She is probably up close to 8 lbs now and is out growing clothes. What a difference six weeks makes. Overall she is doing really well. We are having to supplement some soy milk to help her out with tummy issues.

We definately have a lap baby who likes to be held all the time. We are almost to the point of giving her the nickname HM: High Maintenance. We haven't made it yet, but we are surely discussing the possibility, :).

Evan is doing really well. He is learning to go potty and wearing pull-ups. Thankfully his daycare is assisting in the process. He has been going once or twice a day on his own. Lindsay and I wondered the other day what it will be like when we never know when a child goes to the bathroom, ha.

We hope all is well with everyone and catch up with us!

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Happy New Year!!

"Addison's growing fast"

"Evan with Daddy's mission trip gloves"

"Big Bro helping out"

We have entered 2009 with a bang at the Burke's household.  Our Christmas was a blast and we had a great New Year's celebration with friends.

Addison is getting bigger and bigger.  She now weighs 7lbs and 12 ounces.  She has good nights and bad nights, but overall she is a very good little girl.

Evan is doing good.  As you can see from the picture above he loves his sister.  The other night I walk into the living room and Evan is watching "toons".  I look over at Addison in the swing and laying on top of her blanket is a toy horse and toy sheep.  Big Brother had decided to share his toys with baby sister.  We all know that won't last very long, but it is good for now.

Hope all is well with everyone and catch up with us when you can!