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No Brownies For Breakfast

Well, as you may can tell; Addison got a new play seat.  She really enjoys it and likes to sit and watch all of us go by (mostly chasing after Evan).

Addison is really growing and never wants to be put down. She likes her swing too, but not as much as big brother did.

She doesn't like being on her tummy too much.  But we make her anyway, :)

Evan does no like having his picture taken anymore.  He runs away every time we ask him to say cheese or bring the camera out for that matter.

The other night friends brought us dinner and for dessert they brought brownies.  Well the next morning I was feeding Addison and I hear Evan get up.  His feet hit the floor, boom. 
He cracks the door and then runs down the hallway into the kitchen.  He never says hey daddy or anything.

I hear some chairs moving in the kitchen.  So I say, "Evan what are you doing in the kitchen?"  
No answer.  So I lay Addison down and go into the kitchen.  I walk in to see Evan in a chair with a big brownie in his hand giggling.  Our first mission impossible moment at the Burke house failed, but we will keep up with the many more to come.

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Growing Girl

Addison is growing and growing. She is probably up close to 8 lbs now and is out growing clothes. What a difference six weeks makes. Overall she is doing really well. We are having to supplement some soy milk to help her out with tummy issues.

We definately have a lap baby who likes to be held all the time. We are almost to the point of giving her the nickname HM: High Maintenance. We haven't made it yet, but we are surely discussing the possibility, :).

Evan is doing really well. He is learning to go potty and wearing pull-ups. Thankfully his daycare is assisting in the process. He has been going once or twice a day on his own. Lindsay and I wondered the other day what it will be like when we never know when a child goes to the bathroom, ha.

We hope all is well with everyone and catch up with us!

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Happy New Year!!

"Addison's growing fast"

"Evan with Daddy's mission trip gloves"

"Big Bro helping out"

We have entered 2009 with a bang at the Burke's household.  Our Christmas was a blast and we had a great New Year's celebration with friends.

Addison is getting bigger and bigger.  She now weighs 7lbs and 12 ounces.  She has good nights and bad nights, but overall she is a very good little girl.

Evan is doing good.  As you can see from the picture above he loves his sister.  The other night I walk into the living room and Evan is watching "toons".  I look over at Addison in the swing and laying on top of her blanket is a toy horse and toy sheep.  Big Brother had decided to share his toys with baby sister.  We all know that won't last very long, but it is good for now.

Hope all is well with everyone and catch up with us when you can!