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Christmas With The Burkes

The Burke's had a great Christmas.  It went by really fast, but it was really a great time and truly a blessing.

The Burke side came in on the 23rd.  We had a great time. We had non traditional food.  Lindsay made this super good spinach and artichoke dip.  Evan got some Diego toys and a bubble maker.  He played with the bubble maker all day long.  Aunt Tessa built both Addison and Evan bears from Build A Bear Workshop.

On Christmas Eve we had our Christmas Eve service at FBC Greenville.  We had an awesome crowd, some where around 350 people were there with there families.  It was a special service.

Lindsay's parents came in for the Christmas Eve service and stayed through Christmas day.  Evan got a ton from Santa. Here are some pics of his play Safari Tent and Basketball        Goal.  It is lots of fun to shoot hoops with your son, :).

Addison got a painting for her room.  A bouncie swing for the doorway for when she gets older.  And lots of girlie clothes. She got a baby doll and a light up toy.  Yesterday Addison was laying on the chair and Evan went and got both toys to bring to her so she would have something to play with.  He is a good big brother and helper.

We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you many blessings in 2009.  Catch up with us when you can!

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Getting Ready for Christmas

Only a week away from Christmas!!  Man time flies so fast.  Evan wants to open every present under the tree because he believes they are all for him. Addison will be 3 weeks old at Christmas.

Evan is still doing really well as Big Brother.  Yesterday, Lindsay was getting the bath ready for Addison.  Addison was in the swing and Evan says, "Time for bath baby!" and then tries to pick her up out of the swing so he could take her to the bathtub.  Thankfully no injuries or brain damage occurred :).

Addison is still a little jaundice.  We will go back the first of next week for another check on her bilirubin levels.  Hopefully they will be low and she can move past the jaundice.

This Christmas will be really fun for Evan.  He caught on a little bit last year, but this year it will be on.  There are a few Diego toys in the mix so I am sure he will be really excited.  I think Evan knows more Spanish than me and I took it in college.

Lindsay is doing well.  She has had a great time getting presents and wrapping them.  She also did a great job decorating.

On Christmas Eve we will enjoy a special time of worship at our church.  Each year we have a very special service and it has become a family tradition.  Addison will make her first appearance at church then as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.  We wish all of you a wonderful and Merry Christmas too!!

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Baby Doll & Big Brother

Addison is doing so much better from her jaundice. We are taking the bili blanket back tomorrow. We are excited and thankful that she is a healthy baby. She is already changing. She is still tiny though, but is very content. She only cries when she needs changing or is hungry.

Below is a short clip of big brother helping! Evan takes bottles to the kitchen and gets us diapers so we can change the baby. He always wants to hold her when he comes home from daycare. He is still doing really well with the change that has taken place.

Evan has fun these days watching toons, riding his cycle (he says sickle), and singing. He is learning a number of songs at school and loves to come home and sing a long. He has learned jingle bells for Christmas time. Of course they aren't word for word, but it is still really cute. I guess we will just have to wait for 
America's Got Talent.

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Addison Update

Addison went to the Dr. yesterday.  Her bilireuben level was down to 11!  Yippie.

She is doing well.  She is waking up on her own to eat and is eating so much better.  She is still on the bili blanket for a little while longer but hopefully we can give it back soon.

Evan is doing so well with her.  He just took a toy and put it in her bassinet so she could have something to play with.  He is growing all the time and his personality blossoms more everyday.  His favorite thing to say these days is "Whats dis". Then we will tell him whatever it is and he will say, "Oh!"  Lindsay bought him a sweater vest the other day.  When we picked him up at daycare she showed it to him and said , "Evan do you like the sweater Mommy bought you?"  He replied, "I don't like it, too little; too little."

Lindsay is doing great and feels good.  Thanks to everyone who said a prayer for Addi.

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Our Lil Glow Worm

As I posted earlier, Addison's bilireuben level was 17.2. But thankfully, she did not have to be admitted to the hospital. We are so greatful!

Today has definately been a roller-coaster ride though. It took over 3 1/2 hours to find the "bili blanket". Lindsay had everything packed expecting to be at the hospital, but finally we got the blanket. It was working so I went to fetch the never ending Wal-Mart list. While in Wal-Mart Lindsay called me and told me it stopped working and that A&A health had to come and get the machine. But by the time I got home (because you know Wal- Mar takes 4 ever!) it was back and working.

So we were happy again that we did not have to go to the hospital (By the way Delta Regional Medical Center is like if you conceived in your mind the worst possible hospital, below that is DRMC.)

So it was feeding time by now and I turned the machine off {MISTAKE} fed Addison and then tried to turn it back on; nothing. At this point I fully believe my wife is going to go Exorcist on me (pee soup excluded). She starts packing the rest of her stuff and saying who knows what under her breath.
Well, I decide to give the machine one last look. I started fooling with chords and knobs. Then out of the blue I touch the right one and BAM! The bili blanket is back on and the only way it is being turned off is if the power goes out, cause nobody here is touching it again. It was like bottom of the ninth, two outs, bases loaded, and a full count. I step to the plate and knock it out of the park! I was excited, Lindsay was stressed, but hopefully our Lil Glow Worm will get better soon.

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Update on Addison

Baby Addison has jaundice.  Her bilirueben level is 17.2.  The Dr.'s checked this before we came home from Jackson and she was at 13.  So, today we went back to have it checked again.

This means we may have to be admitted to the hospital so she can be placed under UV lamps.  Right now we are hoping to have a blanket that provides light, but we have not heard from the home health agency.

Please pray for her levels to go down and that she can get on the right track.

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How's Big Brother?

So today was the big day.  Everyone always asked how Big Bro was going to do once little sister was born.  At church, in Wal-Mart, at the Clinic, the movies, text messages; wherever we ventured everyone wanted to know how Evan would do.


The first thing he said to me was "I wanna see sister."  He came in looked in the bassinet, grinned real wide and said, "I wanna hold baby."  A little while later he came running in to the room with a ring toy and said, "Here baby's toy! Here baby's toy!"  Then he went and got Addison's boppy pillow, laid it on the couch and said, "Baby night night."

Of course, the newness will wear off, but a pretty doggone good first day for big brother Evan.


Growing Family

This Blog will be for family and friends to catch up with us as our lives continue down the warpspeed path just like yours.  Soon I will have a family picture up, but I wanted to get this started.  We will love to keep everyone up to date on happenings around our household and with our new addition Addison Leigh.  Here are the most recent pictures of Evan and Addison.

Look forward to more blogs from the Burkes