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Evan and Addison are growing, growing, growing.

Evan is getting very smart. He can almost count to ten in Spanish and likes to speak Mandarin when he watches Ni hao Kai lin (it is a tv show on Noggin).

This past Sunday we had a interesting conversation at lunch time. Evan was drinking milk and had some corn and peas on his plate:

Evan: Milk, mmm good
Me: Happy Milk comes from Happy Cows
Evan: Yeah, haha
Me: Evan, eat some corn. Cows eat corn.
Evan: Cows EAT grass!!

Addison is doing well over all. She is sleeping better through the night now. She usually sleeps abut 5 1/2 hours, which is awesome. She has started to smile (she has smiled more at me than Lindsay, ha). Addison is still having stomach trouble. So in March we will go to see a GI specialist in Jackson. Everything the radiologist saw here looked fine, but he still recommended we visit a specialist to be sure.

Overall we are doing well. Lindsay has started back to work part-time and finds the break to be refreshing. We would love to hear from you so catch up with us!
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Friday, February 6, 2009 | | 0 comments

I Evan Burke!!

Evan likes to correct us frequently these days.

If he does something funny, we might say, "you're a funny boy".

Evan's reply is, "I not funny boy, I Evan Burke!"

Lindsay may tell Evan he is good looking.  

Evan will say, "I not good looking, I Evan Burke!"

He is growing really fast and learning so much.  I walked in to get him out of his bath the other night and he was counting to ten in Spanish.  I heard him say "ocho" and couldn't believe it.  So as I was putting his pajamas on him I would say a number in Spanish and then he would say the next one.  I guess watching Noggin has some benefits.

Addison is growing too.  She is up to 9lbs 6 ounces.  She is still having tummy issues.  We have an appointment next week with the doctor.  Hopefully, we can get everything worked out.

Addison will start daycare next week as Lindsay goes back to work.  Everyone is looking forward to meeting her there.  Apparently Evan talks about her a good bit with the teachers.  Lindsay will be going back part-time, she will work 3 days one week then 2 days the next.

I am posting a link of some pictures we had made recently.  Lindsay took the kids to Jackson one Saturday and we got some great shots.  Thanks Mauri!