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Fast Times On Wortham Dr.

Going to the Pool!!

Ready for Summer with our new Swim Shirt & Swim Suit (not shown)

Let's make a funny face daddy !

Before (above), After (below)

Today was our first day to visit the pool.  Evan got to swim a little but it rained us out pretty quickly.  He was very timid today, but hopefully he will get acclimated soon.  The water was very cold & he went under the water, which he didn't like at all.

Yesterday, we had a going away party for our friends who are moving, Steve & Lizzie Mears. Lindsay asked Evan if he wanted to go to Mr. Steve's party, he said, "Yeah.  Mr. Steve is going to see Mrs. Lauren."  Steve is moving to TX where our other friend Lauren lives.  So Lindsay asks Evan, "Who lives in Texas?"  Evan replies, "Mr. Steve."  Lindsay then asks, "Who else?"  Evan says, "Mrs. Lauren!"  Pretty sharp little fellow we have, ; ).

Evan is getting ready to move up with the "big kids", as he says.  He is really doing well with his potty training and his teachers think he is ready to move up to the 3 yr old class early.  It is hard to believe he is moving up again.  He'll start visiting the class the first week in June and if he does well the next week he will be going there for good.

Addison is changing so much.  She has gained some weight and is now eating some baby food. Her favorite is sweet potatoes.  We haven't decided if the nickname "sweet tater" will stick or not, ha.  She is rolling over, recognizing faces, and as always sticking her tongue out.  She likes her Baby Einstein videos and her stuffed rabbit that helps her to sleep.

We are doing well and trying to get ready for a crazy fast paced fun-filled summer.  

Hope those of you who read this are doing well and remember, Catch Up With Us.

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Heading to B-Town

We are on our way to Brookhaven this weekend to visit family and be part of the Homecoming Service @ Clear Branch BC.

Clear Branch is the church I grew up in, was saved in, & called to the ministry in.  I haven't been back in almost 7 years.  It will be fun to preach and see old faces and new.

It will be a quick turn around.  Lindsay will head back home with the kids.  3 hrs in the car with 2 little ones, pray for my wife.  I on the other hand will be catching a flight to Dallas to attend the Catalyst One Day conference,  I will attempt to learn about momentum, : ) .

Hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend and Catch Up With Us!

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Pre-School Program

Evan had his first pre-school program last night. He didn't cry but he didn't do much else either.

I spent all afternoon trying to find my camcorder charger so, as good parents, we could have video of this beautiful childhood moment. No luck.

I finally text my friend Steve and he lets me use their camera (which turned out to be great because it is High Definition, :) ).

We get to First Presbyterian Church here in Greenville, a thunderstorm is barreling through and there is like a thousand people there. Ok, there weren't a thousand people there, but sure felt like it.

We get Evan detached from Lindsay's leg to stay with his teacher and go into the sanctuary. You can hear all the kids going crazy in the room next to the sanctuary. It was kinda like in a movie when there is a noise behind a door and the character opens the door and this monster jumps out on them. I felt that if I had opened that door the monster of pre-schoolers would have rampaged me.

So the program starts and the kids begin to sing, but Evan pretty much does nothing. He smiles, waves, sits by his teacher, folds his arms, walks over and plays with the mic stand. I am standing there with the camera waiting for the beautiful childhood moment and it never comes.

At least he didn't pull his pants of like he did at the house the other day.

I guess there is always next year.

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You never know how funny life can be until children come along.

Last night we are watching TV and Evan is standing in the middle of the room.  All of a sudden, like an idea bulb just popped up and he had an idea, Evan begins to pull down his pants and pull-up.

It wasn't has if he had to go potty or was scratching an itch.  He just decided to pull down his pants. 

I guess once they got to a point he decided he liked it.  So he kept going and going and going until his pajama pants and pull-up were completely off.  He starts to dance around like he has just won the Publisher's Clearance House.

Well, he really decides he likes the nude, so he takes his pants and pull-up to his room.  He puts the pajama pants in the pajama drawer and the pull-up in the underwear drawer.  He comes running and screaming back into the living room as excited the first time he rode is cycle.

He's dancing and spinning and hops up on Lindsay's leg.  He then commences to scream and slap himself right in the private part and laugh.  I finally got him to put them back on and get ready for bed.

Lindsay and I were laughing so hard we could not control ourselves.  Wonder what will happen next, :).

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09 Flying By

Big Bro. giving sister his fav blankie when she was crying.

Bubbles are Cool!

Jump & Go Fun

Addison just turned 5 months this past fri. It is hard to believe she is that old. She is changing all the time. She has gained a good amount of weight. Addison even rolled over today!!!! She was crying and mad and just flopped over. I walked in with her bottle and she had made the turn.

Addison is beginning to eat rice cereal. Last night was her first time in the high chair and sitting at the table with all of us. She is sleeping really well at night now and is doing very well over all. She has had a couple of ear infections, but other than that she is a content and happy baby girl.

Evan is full blast all the time. We fixed up the sandbox in the backyard and he has had tons of fun playing with that. He plays "pirate" and digs up toys as treasure, arrrr! :)

Evan has started to do very well with his potty training. He is having hardly any accidents at home or at school. His pull-up has even been dry a couple of nights, which is surprising (to me at least).

Addison was crying today, fighting sleep as normal, and Evan began to sing to her. He sang "Jesus Loves Me" and "The ABC's". I couldn't tell which one she liked better.

I hope those of you who read this are doing well. Catch up with us when you can!