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Pictures from Addison's BDay

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Addison Is One!!!

Today, our babydoll turned 1. She wore her birthday hat to school. It is pink and froo froo with a sparkling one on it. In case you are wondering her mother picked it out : ) .

Last year about this time we were feeding Addison with a syringe. She was right around 5lbs and so fragile.

Well a year later she is a growing and healthy girl, who has her first tooth coming in and loves her baby food & puffs.

She is crawling everywhere now and smiles so big when she sees the Christmas tree lit up. Addison when you see her will smile, point and say "a da".

It is amazing how time goes by. You hear that all your life, but as a parent you see it so vividly.

So tonight we are celebrating our lil one's birthday with a princess cake, ice cream, and a few presents. Saturday we will have a big family get together in McComb and celebrate some more. We'll post some pictures after this weekend!

Happy Birthday Addi!!!!

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Evan Funnies

# 1

I worked outside all afternoon. So I come inside and Evan says, "Daddy you stink! You need to take a bath. I'll show you where the bathroom is"

He walks me to the bathroom and says, "here daddy. Take a bath. "


I am sitting in the living room and Evan walks up to me, reaches up for me. I pick him up and give him a big hug. He hugs me back then says very sweetly, "I need to poo poo."


We are sitting at the dinner table. Evan has a spoon he is eating his corn with. Suddenly he takes the spoon and puts it in his pants. We asked him, "What are you doing with your spoon?". Evan replies, "I"m putting it in my booty!"

Who knows what he"ll say next.

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Our Trip To The Pumpkin Patch

This past Saturday we ventured out to the Pumpkin Patch at Hardin Farms past Dumas, AR.

Evan and Addi had tons of fun. There were animals to pet and lots of people having fun. At one point a group of turkeys got loose, so the kids start chasing the turkeys around. Soon after a lady comes over an intercom and yells, "Stop chasing the turkeys!!". The kids never checked up so she yells louder, "Stop chasing the TURKEYS!" It was very funny.

Evan saw one of his friends from school there, Mary Elizabeth. We were all on the hay ride together and Evan got to pick out his very own pumpkin.

It was pretty cold and the wind was blowing pretty hard, but it was very fun. We got back home and the tuckered out little ones were ready for bed.

We hope everyone is having a great fall and catch up with us when you can.

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Evan's Story

Evan woke up with a mosquito bite on his face. Lindsay asked him , "Evan what bit you?" Evan replied, "There was a big pink dinosaur outside and he stomped. He came into my house and bit me with his big teeth!"

Quite the imagination.

Addison learned to clap this weekend. She is so proper that it looks like a golf clap : )

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Race Car Party

Evan had a great Race Car party!!!

There were lots of friends and family there and everyone had a great time.

Evan and his friends got to run and tumble at the YMCA. They had an obstacle course set up, trampoline's to jump from and a swing to have fun with.

Evan got lots of exciting big boy toys. He especially loved his rain boots his NeeNee gave him. He liked them so much that he wore them to church the next day, even though there was no rain.

We want to thank everyone who came and who made this a very special 3rd birthday for our very big boy, Evan Burke.

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Evan's 3rd Birthday

Evan turned 3 today.

It is hard to believe how fast time has gone by. He is growing up so fast and is super excited about his "Race Car"party tomorrow.

We got him the movie Cars on DVD. He watched it 3 times today. That will be the theme for his party tomorrow. Him and his friends will be at the YMCA where they will play some fun games and celebrate together.

One of his friends, Mary Wright, cannot be there tomorrow. So she brought Evan's present to school today. When I picked Evan up he saw the gift on the front seat. He said, "Can I open Mary Wright's present when we get home Daddy, can I?" I replied, "Sure, Evan." He said "It's a deal!"

Another one of Evan's friends, Will Duncan, saw Evan at church last week. He came running up to Evan and said, "Hey, Hey, Hey Evan. I comin to yo birthday party in 10 seconds! (which in 3 yr old land means ten days)"

We are looking forward to our big Race Car celebration tomorrow with family and friends. Hopefully we can soak in this next yr because 4 will be here in a flash.