Thursday, April 2, 2009 | | 1 comments

Just Updatin

Evan & Addie are growing faster and faster all the time.

We are trying to potty train Evan these days.  The jury is still out on that as of now, but he is making a little progress.

Evan is always saying something that makes us crack up laughing.  The other day we were getting him ready for daycare and Lindsay said, "Come'on Evan.  Let's go comb your hair."  Evan replies, "I got crazy hair!"

Evan has fun at daycare and loves his teacher Miss Karen.  Looks like he is already "Teacher's Pet" at 2 years old.  He likes to sing songs, play with his trucks, and watch toons.  He would watch toons all day long if we let him.

Addison is getting so big and filling out real well.  She is smiling now and cooing.  She just turned 4 months old.  She is up to 13 lbs now.  We are getting ready to start introducing rice cereal, it is hard to believe that is already here.  She is being called Little Mama at daycare.  Apparently she is the only girl who has been in the infants room in a long time, so the director as given her a nickname that looks like it will stick, ha.  Lindsay is having a ton of fun dressing Addie up with bows and in dresses.

Addison is already high maintenance.  She will not take a bottle that is not warmed up.  The other day we were in Jackson and it was time to feed her.  We could not feed her until we got to Backyard Burgers.  They gave us a jumbo cup filled with steaming water.  After sitting the bottle in there for a couple of minutes she lapped it up.

We are fun busy and easter is next on the list.  Catch up withus when you can!!