Friday, September 25, 2009 | |

Evan's 3rd Birthday

Evan turned 3 today.

It is hard to believe how fast time has gone by. He is growing up so fast and is super excited about his "Race Car"party tomorrow.

We got him the movie Cars on DVD. He watched it 3 times today. That will be the theme for his party tomorrow. Him and his friends will be at the YMCA where they will play some fun games and celebrate together.

One of his friends, Mary Wright, cannot be there tomorrow. So she brought Evan's present to school today. When I picked Evan up he saw the gift on the front seat. He said, "Can I open Mary Wright's present when we get home Daddy, can I?" I replied, "Sure, Evan." He said "It's a deal!"

Another one of Evan's friends, Will Duncan, saw Evan at church last week. He came running up to Evan and said, "Hey, Hey, Hey Evan. I comin to yo birthday party in 10 seconds! (which in 3 yr old land means ten days)"

We are looking forward to our big Race Car celebration tomorrow with family and friends. Hopefully we can soak in this next yr because 4 will be here in a flash.


Steve and I .... said...

Looks like so much fun! Look at Katie Franklin chowing down in the background of the "blowing out the candles" picture. ha! I LOVE the cake. SO ADORABLE! Miss y'all.