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A few blurbs

Evan's Prayer from the other night:

"Dear God, thank you for my mommie, for my daddy, for God, for Evan Burke, for sister. Help Evan sleep good and wake up. Help Evan to remember that mommie is the boss and daddy the boss. Amen!"

Evan just came running up to me real fast with his blanky under his nose and holding out the rest of it. He says, "Hey Daddy! I got a mustache!!!"

Addison is doing a lot better. She is back sleeping through the night and seems to be happy overall. She still grabs at her left ear some and gets fussy about it. For the most part, however, she is back to being happy and content.

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Addison's Appointment

Lindsay took Addison to her Dr.'s appointment today.

Addi will be having surgery on Sept. 2 @ 6 a.m. in the morning.

There is a large amount of fluid built up especially behind her left eardrum. Lindsay said Addison let everyone know what she thought during her tests today with the Dr. Hopefully this will be a one time procedure that will help our little one feel better.

That's our latest update.

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Addison's Ear, Evan's Date

This past Friday night Lindsay and I went out together with a group of friends (The Bourbon Mall; awesome place to eat in the middle of stinkin no where!). Lindsay was ironing and Evan came in. He said, "I want to go." Lindsay replied, "Well tonight you have to stay here, because mommie and daddy are going on a date." Evan says, "I want to go on a date." Lindsay asks, "Do you want to ask Mary Wright (friend from daycare) on a date?" "No, she not my friend!" Evan says. Lindsay then asks, "Who is your friend?" Evan says, "Abigail (this is the daughter of our pastor, who is 9)" "Do you want to ask her on a date" says Lindsay. "Yeah!!" Evan exclaims.

So Lindsay calls Jamie and then Abigail gets on the phone. We put it on speaker and then Evan becomes very shy. Finally, after we tell him over and over what to say, he says "You go on date with me?" Abigail says "Yes!" So a soon to be 3 yr old successfully asks out a 9 year old, ha!

Addison has another ear infection. She is going to the dr. tomorrow in Greenwood. She has some drainage in her left ear and has had trouble sleeping over the weekend. Please pray for her. It looks like tubes will be in the not so distant future.

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